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Delivery Policy 

American Heart Association – Guaranteed within 2 business days. Orders must be placed by Noon ET to be delivered in 2 business days for an additional fee. Guaranteed within 1 business day.


American Red Cross – Wallet card orders will be shipped within 2 business days of receipt of the request. Expedited orders will be sent via Fed-Ex one day shipping. Non-expedited orders will be sent via regular postal mail and may take an additional 5-7 days for shipping.

Refund Policy 

Under certain circumstances, nonprofit organizations can refund a donor’s contribution. However, under other circumstances, returning a donor’s gift could result in a review by state authorities. Whether or not a situation results in state review will depend on a given state’s regulations, the impact returning the gift would have on the nonprofit, and the size of the gift in question.

Most state rules do not give much detail regarding nonprofit organizations returning gifts. What states do recognize is that when a donor gives money to a nonprofit organization, the money is, in effect, owned by the public interest. State authorities will be concerned that gifts are used to further the public interest, and returning a donor’s gift could be contrary to the public interest. For example, at the time of the request, the nonprofit may have already spent the money, may not have sufficient cash on-hand to provide a refund, or providing a refund may substantially hurt the organization’s financial position. State officials are unlikely to get involved if a smaller gift is returned. The only time nonprofits are required to return a donor’s gift is if for some reason the nonprofit cannot use the funds as the donor intended.

To ensure that nonprofits do not run afoul of state authorities, it is suggested that the boards of nonprofits adopt a donation refund policy. For example, they might decide to not allow for refunds of donations. If the organization wants to allow refunds under special circumstances, those should be in the policy. Nonprofits should also adopt an organizational code of ethics. The best thing all nonprofits can do is minimize the circumstances that can lead a donor to request a refund. A gift agreement is one way to outline the donor’s intent and ensure that the donation is used accordingly. 

If nonprofits return a charitable contribution, they must send the IRS a 1099-Misc to declare the refund amount if the amount is $600 or more and the refund is in a later tax year. Nonprofits might also act to notify donors that in the case of such refunds, the refund amount should appear on line 21 of donors’ form 1040.

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