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Empowering minority-owned start-ups & businesses

Social Advancement Group, Inc.

About Us

Established in 2018, Social Advancement Group, Inc. is an IRC 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that makes an effort to dedicate its time in the teaching, research, and development of economics and how it impacts minorities within their communities.

The SAG organization strives to enhance, empower and increase the presence of entrepreneurs in struggling neighborhoods by creating economic and financial awareness and solutions for minority-owned start-ups and businesses that are essential to the area’s economic growth. Our mission, to help unify minority populated, socially disadvantaged areas in the United States. Through programs and business relationships that promote economic and financial independence, we will lend resources to homegrown business owners looking to connect with start-ups and make financial investments within their communities.

What We Do

Letellier Life

Market Research and Technology Program

Technology is a way of life and for this reason, Surveys for data evaluation, individual and community trials are important. Our program strives to eliminate barriers and the difficulties that prevent people from growing and becoming valuable assets to themselves and their environment. Data will enable our market research team to pinpoint the problems that plague struggling neighborhoods and offer a more modernized and technological solution. The goal is to bring awareness to community needs and eliminate the problems that are affecting underserved citizens due to systematic racism within the U.S. and globally.

Loving Our Very Existence

LOVE Economic Literacy Program

Driven by the need to improve economic growth, our economic literacy program is committed to providing customized lectures that will continue to educate the black community and any other groups affected by systematic racism. We provide economic education using historic and day-to-day events, enabling our members to have a better understanding of the unavoidable situations that have plagued our lives for generations.

SERVICES we provide

• International Affairs
• Residential Care Facilities
• Educational Support
• Language Exchange
• Job Creation

Our Videos

Our economic literacy program is committed to providing customized lectures that will continue to educate the black community.


Here are some opportunities Social Advancement Group has in store for you:

S.T.E.A.M Major

Study Abroad Program

The objective is to solve and enhance some of Africa and the Caribbean's greatest infrastructure related challenges , while creating opportunities for minorities globally via innovative programs. The study-abroad program will help Science, Technology, Engineer, and Mathematic students graduate to become effective in an international context and through global partnerships. Participants will become capable of solving some of the world's development and structural issues, while training citizens to maintain, repair, and preserve their own country.

This program will provide future S.T.E.A.M related entrepreneurs and professional with the educational tools and international experience needed to compete in a very competitive profession. We strive to increase the presence of minorities in the S.T.E.A.M. world. Our partnership will help eliminate barriers and the difficulties that prevent minority professionals, primarily of African descent, from growing and becoming valuable assets to themselves and their neighborhoods.

Roads To Redemption Program

We have teamed up with The Dynasty used car dealership to provide customized, educational services to low-income, graduating, high school seniors in the Dallas, Texas area. In an internal, auto-mechanic garage, chosen students will be offered the opportunity to learn the automotive system during one of their four semesters of their senior year. Our services also provide, course related pamphlets and notices of available, free classes and events in the local area, such as information on CDLs, machinery, mechanics, engineering and much more occupational options. The Roads to Redemption program is based on the belief that education and opportunities creates a hopeful environment.

Become Empowered

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